1066 FSB - What memory speed is optimal?

I have a 800 FSB E4300 which I want to upgrade to a 1066 FSB CPU which the motherboard
Currently I have 4 x 512mb 533mhz ram which I want to go to at least 4 x 1gb or 2 x 2gb.
I read somewere that with C2D that they prefer asynchronous/synchronous (can't remember which it was) ram that works better timed with the CPU/FSB
The board supports 533/667/800 speeds.
Which of these speeds would work best with a 1066 C2D Conroe?
I would think it was 800mhz but from my reading I dont think that was best
but I cant remember for sure.
If it is easier a link to a web page explaining would be great.
Thanks in advance
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  1. Quote:
    And you can get 1600 ram. Because 1600 are in fact 800 because its double rated. Even if your mobo supported lower it wouldve still work coz it will just run at a lower speed. But the important thing you must look at are the voltage for the ram. Some mobos support different voltages

    The current ram is 1.8v
    Is there a price difference between 1600 and 800?
    Also trying to figure out which would be cheaper
    2x2gb or 4x1gb?
    Also there is no memory conrol like you described so
    I assume the memory is synchronous?
  2. actually did some digging and came across this thread
    I know I read that somewhere else too.
    According to that thread run it at either 533 or 800 not 667.
    since it is synchronous then running it at 533 (double 266) is a 1:1 with a 1066fsb
    (quad pumped 266mhz).
    Going to 800mhz would see a performance increase at a 2:3 ratio but nothing noticeable.
    I am going to pick whichever is cheaper LOL
    Thanks for the reply.
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