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Hello TomsHardware community,
I am purchasing a Mushkin Chronos 480GB solid state drive right now (great deal right now) and I am using a SATA3 to USB 3.0 converter right now for my mac to use as a scratch disk. I will be building a computer soon, and want to use the SSD as a boot disk for faster boot times and overall faster performance. I will also have a 3TB 7200rpm mechanical hard drive for storing larger things. Do I have to have a clean SSD for booting, or can I use one with stuff on it already.
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  1. As long as your operating system recognizes the SSD format, you can have data already on the SSD
  2. Just make sure to save enough room on the SSD for the OS in your future build, but 480GB is a lot to work with unless your using it for movie/game storage. If you can, i would recommend making a 100GB partition right when you get it just to set it aside.
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