Newly built computer won't turn off.

Hello all,

I've recently built a new computer, and it's sitting on my desk right now as of posting. I've put everything together correctly, and my system boots (with no appearance of BIOS, which may be because of the new HDD.) with no abnormal sounds. However, the computer won't respond to holding down the power button to turn off.... Any ideas? thanks for any answers.

A880G+ Biostar mATX mobo
4 gigs DDR3 Ripjaws G.Skill (2x2)
Sapphire HD 5770
Samsung Spinpoint F4 320GB HDD
OCZ Modxstream 600w PSU
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  1. Check in the BIOS settings, there may be an entry for what to do when the power button is pressed.
  2. I've hooked up a monitor, DVI, and nothing shows up when I boot. Not even BIOS.
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    And you were worried that it wouldn't shut off when you held the power button in?

    Odds are you didn't assemble it correctly, and/or you have a defective part somewhere. In any case, you need to go through each step - not just read - this checklist:
  4. It does NOT power down when I hold down the power button. Thanks for the list, I'll do these steps now!
  5. Yeah, I said that. But you've got a bigger problem than what you offered in your OP. Anyhow, good luck with the list.
  6. Problem resolved. After looking over the motherboard... I missed the 4-pin power connector. I feel so dumb now! But thanks a ton guys!
  7. However, I'd like to ask about why it doesn't boot to BIOS? It turns off when i hold down the power button now, but... no BIOS from onboard/integrated. And I went down the list.
  8. Well, its clear you are moving too fast. Your OP talks about the power button when the real problem is it doesn't boot. Then you post "Eureka! I found it!" when you find the cpu power cable not plugged in, and later discover it still doesn't work.

    Slow down, and go over the list again.

    Then make sure you match "post beeps" you hear to their meanings. You may need to buy/install a motherboard speaker to do that. Without it, you'll have a lot more guessing to do.
  9. I apologize. Was just kind of anxious, as this computer is for a major grade at my school, thus, parts going kaputt aren't cool. Will do, thanks for all the help.
  10. NP. This is likely to be a bit of a grind, so patience and care will pay dividends.
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