Hello, I have a couple year old laptop, just a Presario, not a great gamer but works for me. But sometimes I would like to do a bit of gaming but not with this video card and I know I can't change it. As 99% of the time I use it at home what I would like to do is connect it to a desktop for it's power and ease of upgrading but use the laptop for screen, keyboard and speakers. It would be great if I could still use my laptop alone for easy things but switch to desktop for games. Possible?
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  1. Sounds like the simplest solution would be to play games on your desktop machine... by itself... and use the laptop for web surfing and other smaller things... by itself... Not grasping why you would really want the setup that you mentioned, but in any case, no, any video connectors on your laptop will be outputs only.
  2. Why switch? You could have your laptop open for browsing and stuff while using your desktop for games (separately).
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