1TB Iomega issues

Hello all, I have a 1TB Iomega external HD. This morning I was using my computer normally, saw a "USB device not recognized" warning from Windows, glanced at my HD and watched the white light turn off for what appears to be the last time. I do not believe that the drive itself is dead because there was no warning (no click of death etc) and when I turn the drive on it does not even attempt to start. It's completely dead. It does not appear in My Computer OR disk management and I have tried it in different USB ports and different computers.

So, friends, how do I proceed? :P
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  1. Hate to self-bump, but another query: if it is the power supply can I retrieve the data? I've heard things about connecting it to a desktop or something by taking off the USB connection and connecting it directly with the SATA but I don't know how to do that precisely.
  2. If you really want your data and don't care about warranty, then disassemble the unit and you can connect it internally in your computer. If it still does not detect then :cry:
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