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Weird FPS drop with GTX460 in BC2

I just went from a gtx260 to the 460. As far as general fps in Bad Company 2, im getting at least 30% more FPS and thats with higher settings than before. The only thing bothering me is that whenever i look down the scope, red dot, 4x or 12x, my FPS instantly DROPS to about 25. this really impairs my gaming and lowering the settings and enablin vsync didnt help at all.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Seeing as looking down the scope wouldn't be near as bad as looking at a whole battle scene I imagine this may be poor game coding?

    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
    Also, take a screen shot of your graphics settings..
  2. update the game and make sure you have the latest drivers and then test the game again.
    then tell us
  3. Its pretty insulting to suggest updating drivers to a veteran lol i have told ppl on Toms to do that countless times over. i check it five times and the game is updated.
    @decode, then why was i getting no fps drop with my 260 or 5770?
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    Well, If a cards screwed its usually not on only a single game, unless your using tessellation or Dx11 and maybe a few cores are damaged? possibly, but unprobable.

    This is an odd issue so I'm not sure why.
  5. WAIT that might be it! while i was reading about the games config files i read tht haveing it on dx9 could improve performance, should i put it at dx11 now and try it??
  6. first BBC 2 only uses DX11 for destruction so it has nothing to do with tesselation
    i think if you disable AF the problem will go away.
    usually i had a problem like this with crysis warhead because either it was a software problem or gpu's memory or gpu bandwidth is limited that makes the game a framedrop every time you use scope and the game loads new textures in very high quality.
    you might wanna lower game graphics quality to medium and try again
  7. @mohsentux, u dont get it, i had this game maxed out on my gtx260. thats why i was NOT about to lower the gfx on the 460. anyways, i fixed it.
  8. glad to hear it
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  10. Thanks, appreciated. just got back from the hospital to a best answer :)
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