Starcraft 2 Crash(lines across screen) other games fine.

Intel dual core 3.0ghz e8400
Asus p5n-d Mobo
4gigs kingston ram 6400
8800gt 1gb or 9800 gtx+ 512mb ( not in at the same time, but problem occurs on both vid cards)
win xp 64bit sp2

I need help because I've tried everything and I want to know if anyone has any ideas or experience with this issue.

The Problem:
I play starcraft for maybe 30min and it randomly crashes/freezes on me. with lines across the screen and everything blacked out. Weird thing is it only happens when I play sc2. Codmw2, bfbc2, wow, etc. Does not crash.

Things I've tried:
bought a new case to keep temps cool. mobo, cpu, gpu all under 44c under 100% stress test load. Also have a heatsink with a fan inside for my cpu. The brand name escapes my mind now but it's the size of my leg. I've also applied silver thermal paste.

I originally started with the 8800gt card and bought the new 9800gtx+ to test to see if that was the issue. Turns out it's not the card. Then I swapped out my power supply from 600 to 750 and it still crashes. I've defragged, cclean, malwarebytes, avg etc. all clean. I've tried the framrate cap 60 in the varibles.txt folder. I've tried all settings on sc2 including resolutions and it still crashes. The strangest thing is even thou my temps are under 45c, for some reason when my Air conditioner is on in my room, it seems to take longer to crash...I'm running everest, siw, even the aisuite for asus mobo to check temps, and they all say the same. I don't get it. I'm thinking it might just be software related? maybe my os? i've reinstalled the game a few times already, same problem.
I'm about to reformat and install windows 7. see if that works, but I've literally just about built a new computer for a $65 game...I've wasted hours and hours reading forums trying to figure out why. any help ides/thoughts/experiences would be helpful. Let me know if you need any more info.
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  1. It seems like the game itself is the problem...
    Try re-install the game and patch (if there's any).
  2. Right^,re-install the game and see if it helps.(and download the latest patch too)
    Also do you have the latest VGA drivers installed ?
  3. Updated all my drivers. gpu, mobo etc. I also have reinstalled the game 4 times, and patched. Still crashes.

    Last night I even upgrade my os from xp64 to win 7 64bit. still crashes. i'm testing ram tonight, then finally my mobo later in the week. (Waiting for the parts to come in.)

    I already want to pull an office space and wreck my computer with a bat.
  4. Problem fixed.

    Apparently SC2 had burned out my ram. I replaced my kingston ram with corsair ram and it hasn't crashed since. I guess the game fried it before I added the frameratecap in the varibles.txt.

    thanks for the insight.
  5. Glad its working fine,But was your kingston RAM working fine before SC2?
  6. yea, my ram was working fine before, and would work with any other game besides sc2. I did play the first 2-3 days of sc2 without doing the varibles.txt framerate cap. I'm thinking it fried my ram, or my ram just burned out on it's own.
  7. i'm having the same problem... i have kingston ram too! whats the fix?
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