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How to recover partition after windows install over RAID

January 19, 2013 12:02:47 AM

I recently was the lucky winner of an OS death on my home media server. I use a mirrored pair of 1TB drives for the OS, and during the reinstallation I needed to load the RAID drivers so the OS can recognize and install to the RAID. I have another 32TB RAID broken into 2 large volumes where my media is stored. Unfortunately, during the rush to get everything working I accidentally supplied Windows the RAID drivers for my RAID card (not the drivers for the MB RAID controller) and Windows happily started installing onto my media RAID volume. Literally 5 seconds later, I saw the disk lights blinking on the 16 drives of my hardware RAID and aborted the install. I managed to get the OS installed where it belonged - but was left with the beginning of an OS installation on a RAID volume that contains almost 2000 movies. From what I can see, it set up the install partitions and then I killed it before anything was written.

I've purchased and run a couple different versions of recovery tolls that all recognize the original volume is there - and can identify and copy off the files. Here's my question - is there anyway to repair the volume in its current state/location (since it is found with the recovery tools) instead of having to move all the media off of it? Recovering and moving just a small sample of the files has taken the better part of a day and a half. None of the software tools I have seem to allow a partition repair on a RAID volume. They recognize the partition, the files - then give me the option to move the files somewhere else. Is there anything out there that does a partition repair/rebuild?

Thanks in advance....