Which Display ?

Hey guys !

Help me out with this one ! I just can't decide which monitor I should buy. I'm going for a 24" Samsung...

It's between these 3:




I mainly will use it as pc monitor but also for my xbox 360. I'm willing to pay more money for better quality, but I'm so unsure if the more expensive BX2450 is better than the P2450H.
The 2494HM is probably the one I'm least intrested in.

I read pretty many reviews about the P2450H and some said it has a greenish tone but others said you just need to calibrate it and than it's fine. I couldn't find many reviews about the BX2450 because if I'm right it's a very new display.
So my main question: Is the extra money on the 2494HM or BX2450 worth it ? Will the produce better pictures ?

Thanks in Advance
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  1. The Samsung SyncMaster 2494HM appears to be more pricer, and only includes some extra USB ports, The Samsung SyncMaster P2450H appears to be cheaper, and has better contrast ratio and viewing angle. I'd pick the P2450H.

    Also, have you not considered a Viewsonic?
  2. Okay I should probably wait until some reviews for the BX2450 are published, shouldn't I ?

    I did but according to reviews Samsung displays are very good at the moment and I want to try a Samsung as my next Display :-)

    Thanks for the answer
  3. Anytime, I haven't heard about the BX2450... its new I'm assuming? send me a link

    Also, remember to best answer this topic :P
  4. BX2450 (2ms) is a good design monitor, but only has 15pin D-Sub, 2 x HDMI, 3.5mm Klinke out, no DVI...

    P2450H has (2ms) D-Sub, DVI-D mit HDCP, HDMI mit HDCP, S/PDIF out, 3.5mm Klinke out

    2494HM (5ms) has RGB D-sub (analog), DVI-D mit HDCP, HDMI mit HDCP, USB Hub

    So i think you'll better with P2450H... :)
    But if you okay with BX2450 input connections then go for it, i like that shiny monitor...
  5. Yeah I bought the P2450H :-) , had no time to test it yet though. Will post how it performs as soon as I have time (probably tomorrow or on Monday)

    Cheerio and thanks for your help :-D
  6. Have fun! I'll hear from you in a day I suppose
  7. it performs very good :-) I'm happy with it !
    Some blacklight bleeding and a the frame is shiny so it reflects the image which can be a bit confusing in the beginning.

    Price Quality is top !

    I recommend to buy it :-)

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