Slow SSD?

Hi all bought myself a Corsair neutron 120GB SSd last week
it seems really quick booting up etc, but after running hd tune benchmark on it
i seem to be only getting 350 mb/s when i thought it should be close to 500 mb/s

any ideas what might be slowing it down?
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  1. my motherboard is a p8z68-v PRO, i checked that sata is set to AHCI in the bios, apart from that i have no idea ?
  2. Your motherboard has four SATA 3 (6Gb/s) ports.

    Make sure your SSD is connected to one of the 2 Intel 6Gb/s ports (SATA6G_1 or SATA6G_2), not one of the Marvell 6Gb/s ports (SATA6G_E1 or SATA6G_E2).
    See page 2-2 of your motherboard manual for the location of the ports.
  3. thankyou will check now
  4. yeah i think i have them in the intel 6gb ports, the grey ones right?
  5. i have my sata dock (top of my 650d case) plugged into the navy blue port and my blu ray drive plugged into the other navy blue port, thats the marvel ports i think

    do you think putting these into normal blue 3gb ports will help. if the marvel ports aint being used at all?
  6. Yes, I believe so.

    Here's a link to a review of your drive which has HD Tune Pro benchmark results.
    You can compare this to what you are getting:
  7. well i just ran it again and screen shot, mines looks all over place compared the the one in the reveiw you posted

    HD Tune Pro: Corsair Neutron SSD Benchmark

    Test capacity: full

    Read transfer rate
    Transfer Rate Minimum : 153.9 MB/s
    Transfer Rate Maximum : 336.3 MB/s
    Transfer Rate Average : 216.6 MB/s
    Access Time : 0.131 ms
    Burst Rate : 217.7 MB/s
    CPU Usage : 7.5%
  8. According to Corsair website's specs, The Neutron Series 120GB SSD have the Max sequential read of 555 MB/s, and Max sequential write of 211 MB/s. That is probably why you are getting low speed results.
  9. Corsair's website indicates that advertised Read/Write speeds are with ATTO benchmark software.
  10. Thanks for your reply, but them benchmark results are read speed, therefor should i not be gettin 500 mb/s?, also that benchmark looks rather eratic to me? should it be a consistant speed? like the review you posted
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