Mac won't connect to router

I've got two computers, a router and a modem. The Cox Communications modem also pumps our TV as well.

The modem goes straight to the router (DI-524) and each of my two PC's is connected via wire to the router itself.

My PC is fine on the internet etc, yet my Mac won't connect at all. When I open its network settings, it shows an IP address, a subnet mask and a DNS address, but nothing under the Router category.

It just doesnt seem to connect to the router. When I directly plug the modem into the mac it works fine.

I've cycled the power multiple times and multiple ways.
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  1. Try entering in the router category manually, it should be the address of your router. There is another poster with a similar problem, I wonder if it has to do with an Apple update....what version of OSX are you running?
  2. What is the IP address and DNS that you're seeing? How does it compare to the ones you see on the PC? If they look ok, then try just manually putting in the router as suggested by sk1939...

    Also if it helps I'm on OSX 10.6.3 with no issues to report.
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