Would you buy this? Can branding give you the rights to do this?

Okay. I'm promoting ATI right now.

If you haven't seen this, please check this out.

XFX HD-597X-ENFN Radeon HD 5970 BLACK 4GB 512 (256 x 2)-bit DDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 CrossFireX Support Eyefinity 6 Edition Video Card
for $1,199.99

I would love to know if the pricing on this justify their branding rights?
I am not making fun nor bashing XFX. In fact, I really like their marketing.
But is this overpriced or XFX is trying to change video card industry?
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  1. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! Way too expensive. I rather have GTX480 SLI.
  2. Definitely can get whole system with this card. But if I were rich then definitely get it.
  3. If you have six monitors to connect up to this thing then $1200 is petty cash for you.
  4. I might buy this if i had $1200 dollars to spare but i would rather a 5770 in CF or GTX460 in SLI
  5. Its a niche product. For those that "need" 6 monitors this is a way to go. $1,200 is a bit much for a 5970 (700ish normally?) but for those that want to really rock Flight sim X this is great. I would probably suggest to people that they just do a 5870CF setup, you'd still get 6 monitors that way wouldn't you?
  6. Maybe but I could get a Sapphire Toxic for that price or better yet get an Asus Ares while I'm still at it!!
  7. I'm a poor man, i can't, i mean i won't buy that card, i'm not an enthusiast, just casual gamer... :)
  8. It will find a home on day trader setups, and believe me the price is lunch money for those types of people. How about 2 in xfire, 12 monitors baby :)
  9. I remember reading an article that announced this package was being released but if I remember correctly (prolly not from smoking too much weed) it is also 1/3 more than the proposed retail price mentioned in the article; it is certainly twice as expensive as other 5970's cool case and cooling or not!

    I think I'd rather buy another AR-15 and a box of ammo...
  10. you get faster GPUs, and an extra 1GB for each, plus 6 monitor eyefinity (you can only use the outputs of one card for eyefinity, so with 2 5870s you can't use 6 monitors in eyefinity.) Is it worth 1200? Maybe, guess it depends on your needs.
  11. randomizer said:
    If you have six monitors to connect up to this thing then $1200 is petty cash for you.

    That is very true. I'm all for XFX trying to change the Video Card industry.
  12. See what Asus is doing is understandable since it's for charity.


    Their 5870 Ares for Charity reach about $1300 right now.
  13. I would go with dual watercooled GTX 460 1GB volt moded and overclock like hell!
  14. Fast, but won't get you six monitors.
  15. 4745454b said:
    Fast, but won't get you six monitors.

    The 6 monitors feature is nice but costly.

    But you have to realize there's people who drive a Toyota Camry(was reliable and get you to point A to point B, but you get the picture) then there's people who drive Enzo Ferrari.(fast and expensive but rare)

    Basically, if you can afford it, you will buy it.
  16. If I can afford it AND need 6 monitors. There is really only one reason to buy this.
  17. I'd buy a lower priced 5970 IMO and spend the extra money on .... Stuff? ... Maybe a secondary server system?
  18. no way If I have the money I would not spend It like this who needs 6 monitors
    for this price you can build hall system which can run all the games in high setting
  19. I'd rather run 4 Radeon HD 5850's in Quad-CrossfireX and still have some money left in my pocket.
  20. I'm not sure what part of 6 monitors all these people don't understand. If you want to run 6 monitors off of one card, its either this or that special 5870. No one else has this. And just because you only use 1-3 doesn't mean there isn't a market for 6 screens out there. As I said, its a small niche market but I bet it exists.
  21. I think it falls into the same category as the intel 980X, some people have special situations that actually justify the need for a $1k CPU and a $1k GPU to drive 6 very expensive monitors, be it for day trading or graphics design work. I mean look at the work station GPUs, most of them cost wayyy more than that XFX card and sell quite well. Some of the nVidia workstation cards cost over 2k, they even have one that costs 3k, obviously someone buys the FX 5800 or they wouldnt make it, there is a market for super expensive stuff, most of us just arent in that market.
  22. I doubt a day trader would need this, he doesn't need the GPU power. A couple of 55xx cards not in CF would give him 6 screens for a lot less. People who want to play flight sims however...
  23. Does someone knows what's that ''rifle'' for?
  24. The video card companies definitely get carried away with "Top Card" pricing. This is definitely one of those times where they take advantage of the best performing single card. I believe this kind of card should be around 600 and the normal 5970 should be around 500.
  25. Lol I have no idea what's the "Airsoft gun" is for.

    I would love for XFX rep to explain that to us or anybody with information. It's very interesting marketing persona.
  26. I can get 2000 ATI Rage 2C's and a copy of XEEN for this price!
  27. Umm... that's hilariously awesome. This is kind of like the Million and a half dollar concept cars that get sold. It's just so awesome you can't be held in awe. You want one... but at the same time I am gonna hate whoever has one. Imagine if you had two of these in CF X?! :drool:
  28. Really promoting for AMD... :)

    I found what the GUN DOES! It's only a case! LOL

  29. randomizer said:
    If you have six monitors to connect up to this thing then $1200 is petty cash for you.

    +1 m8. At any rate, this isn't absolutely insane pricing either.... Intel sells $1k CPUs.... so why not sell $1k GPUs? :P

    Btw, this card still doesn't come close to the cost of some really high end Tesla and ATI/nVidia workstation cards.

    For example: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814133253
  30. Shoot, forget the card, Id buy the case that it comes with and take it to comic-con.
  31. if i can afford it, and i can. 1200 isnt much money guys, honestly i know a lot of you out there can save up 1200 easily, 1-3 months is not that bad. for me a month.
    but i wouldnt buy it because it'll just jack up the prices of everything else.
    hd4870 vs gtx series going on, nvidia clearly showed they could've released it at a cheaper price (vs 700 for my gtx280) they sent me gift certificate for being over-priced.

    I'm sure they can reduce the price back down to 800 range and still have no problem selling it
    the more people buy it for those high demanding prices, the more the marketing will jack up their prices.
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