HD 5870 w/ GTS 250 or GTX 480

hi i wanna buy a vga card and i want physx too. now i have to options either buy a hd 5870 with gts 250 with hybrid physx or just buy a gtx 480 . I'm a ati radeon fan myself and i don't know what's the best option so i need you opinions on this
thanx [:mohsentux:4]
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  1. Can I please have some more detailed information on your system specifications.
    You can go to http://www.cpuid.com/downloads/pc-wizard/2010.1.95-setup.exe and
    download the program that shows up, Once installed save the system summary via
    this floppy disk icon at the top left of the screen and then select a file name
    for it, once done copy and paste the contents of the text file to this forum post,
    unfortunately this doesn't include power supply or case specifications so I will
    need you to look inside the case for there serial/model numbers and manufacturers

    Also, Please give us the price range of your request.

  2. CPU-z is not needed i remember the specifications pretty well:

    CPU: Intel E8500 3.16 x2
    Ram: 4 GB DDR2 800 5-5-5-18
    Graphics card: Ati radeon hd 4870 512MB with nvidia 9500 gt for physx (physx is very crappy)
    Motherboard: Asus P5e x38 with two pci-e x16 (even on crossfire mode :D)
    power supply:cooler master 650 w

    that's all i remember

    my budget is 650,000 IRR which i think is amount of 650 USD.but PC hardware are expensive here so consider my money enough to buy a GTX 480.
  3. You could afford a 5970 for that amount, However 5870 is the best option in this case I suppose.

    I never knew you could have a ATI card for gaming and a nVidia for Physx, eh still won't be able to keep my 9800GT for PhysX when I upgrade to the new 6xxx series, only have a 500w PSU and my mobo only works at 16x and 4x for Xfire anyways. Would that be considered SLi? because if so my mobo is only Xfire anyways, Lol.
  4. no hybrid physx is just software that you install after you install nvidia drivers and there's no need for sli or anything
    you can download it from here [:mohsentux:7]
    it works good on my computer but i have a very bad nvidia card for physx.
  5. I have:
    Q6600 clocked to 3.5Ghz
    8Gb DDR 2 RAM and
    ATI 5870...

    I want to buy Nvidia card for PhysX only so i can play Mafia 2 and future games without a problem with PhysX on High.

    Which car would you recommend ? ... Best performence for Buck wise?
    I was thinking about GTX460... is it overkill for dedicated PhysX ???
  6. GTS 250 is all you need for PhysX.
  7. Don't bother with the GTX480 just due to heat alone and they won't fair well in that climate like ware I live they will quickly bsod when it pushes 40c outside and the a/c isn't running non stop. The 5850 is a better value purchase since you can just oc pass 5870 clocks. Avoid buying the 5970 due to heat and the problems that the switch brings. The GTS250 is more than enough really for phsyx since the 9800gt/gt240 is the sweet spot. The GTX460 is way to overkill just for phsyx but they make slick (fast) cards to run in sli/single and just bought one my self for my birthday.
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