Though i am still waiting on my hard drive, wireless card, monitor and media keyboard, i was anxious to see if everything was working. i put a 40GB IDE drive in, w/WXP SP3 on it. The system powered up, allowed me to go thru setup; the mobo is not reading the hard drive... it says "O IDE drives found' - but it shows it in setup. The PC keeps rebooting without going to the Windows logo screen. i want to replace this OS w/a 64bit version, but i can't boot completely! The last message said "this unit does not support the CPU"! i KNOW it does, it's listed in the book and on the ASUS Website (AM3)! My specs are below. How can i fix THAT??? i'm going to get a hard drive to install tomorrow (need to make haste) - in case that is the main issue of the constant rebooting. i'm sure i haven't done SOMEthing! But i have no idea what it is! Please help.
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  1. > i put a 40GB IDE drive in, w/WXP SP3 on it.

    And, that IDE drive came from where?

    It sounds to me as if the OS on that HDD
    has the wrong chipset drivers.

    Why don't you try doing a fresh install of XP?

    If the BIOS can see that IDE drive, then
    Windows Setup should also see it.

    Another option is this No-Reformat, Nondestructive Total-Rebuild Option:


  2. i figured that daggum hard drive was going to be a problem. now i remember why i didn't use it w/the Dell rebuild. the IDE drive came from an older micro ATX machine w/an AMD Athlon on it. So, the bios must've read from the old hard drive w/the old stuff? i'm still learning how things work together - new is best w/new. although i'm waiting on a WD 750GB Caviar Black 7200RPM SATA drive, i went to buy a WD Caviar Blue 250GB SATA drive today... hoping that will fix the problem. On boot, the system did not see the drive (only showed the CD and DVD R/W drives), but it showed up in set-up. i hope the hard drive is the only problem.

    Although, i also got a message saying the CPU wasn't supported by this board!!!??? That can't be right! it fit - M3 socket - AMD Phenom II X2 - the board seems to be looking for the X4. Maybe i shouldn't have activated those Core boosts? i don't know what they are, but i thought it might help the system boot.

    it kept resetting itself to boot over and over again; it lets me go into setup - but again, i had that bogus IDE drive on it. i have a fresh copy of XP 64bit i'm going to use on the new drive, so i can see all 8GBs of memory; the board and asus graphics card supports a 64bit OS. i'll just be happy if all goes well this time. Thanks.
  3. NOW the Graphics cards aren't reading. i can't see a dang thing!!! Is there something i'm supposed to DO FIRST????? The book doesn't tell me anything!!! i am so freakin' aggravated right now!!! i HATE AMD stuff! dangit!!!! i KNEW i should've built an Intel PC. I need major help! i'm going to surf the Web, but i need help - PLEASE! is there ANYTHING i can do to see my monitor so i can set up my PC???
  4. Ok, i fixed that issue, but: Now, with the ASUS DVD used to boot with - i'm stuck on FreeDOS asking if i want to make a RAID DISK (i don't) - it refers to a floppy drive that i don't have. the other option is FreeDOS. the system sees the C:/ drive, there's nothing there on the new drive - i've removed the old drive - i really don't want ANY reference to it now that the 1st SATA drive is in. How do i get the OS installed? it is on a disk in the CD-Rom drive.
  5. Ok, here's the answer... FreeDOS was installed on the only HDD i made available to the system by the ASUS DVD. Did my research to find out it is a bonafide OS. Nevertheless, i still couldn't figure out why the win xp 64b disk wouldn't boot (i had both disks in two diff. drives -DVD- -CD-).

    i went to the Microsoft Support site which said to put the win xp 64b disk in the BOOTABLE DVD or CD drive -surely it can't be that easy- it was! Only the DVD drive was bootable, the CD drive is dormant. i rebooted the system w/the disk in the DVD drive and SETUP began! :-D i am ecstatic!!!

    Thanks MFRS for taking a stab at it... the old drive is about to go - Windows Genuine Advantage is ASKING for a reinstall or reactivation (i do still have the original OS disk -for all of my PCs-), but i will only use that one once more to copy all of the files from it.

    Hope this post helps someone else having these problems. i'll be back if i have more.
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