No Device Drivers Were Found Win 7 Installation

I Got This ******* Error On Installing Win 7 From DvD .... My System Manufucture Is Hp .. Any One Help Me
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  1. When you install Windows from a Microsoft DVD on a factory-built computer (instead of using factory recovery discs), it's normal for a lot of the manufacturer's drivers to be missing because they are not on the Microsoft DVD.

    The drivers are included with the factory pre-installed Windows and they are also on the HP recovery discs, but not on the Microsoft DVD.

    You have to go the HP Support website, select your PC model, then download the missing drivers from there and install them.

    For United Kingdom computer models the support website is here:

    If your PC is not a UK model, change the country by clicking the link at bottom-left of page before going any further.
  2. Phil22 nailed it.

    But just check on the machine, there should be a sticker with a P/N or S/N which can make it easier, because sometimes 1 model has 17 different variants.
  3. Tried that on my Sony Vaio SVE171CXB and it doesn't work either.
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