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Hey all looking for some advice please if anyone can help :) I have a Asus m4a87td evo mobo as far as I'm aware it's a crossfire board but ive been told i could buy a sli bridge and get another 460 gtx soc edition to match my current card. Now there's that question. My second question is .... The board has a x16 and x 4 slot. What sort of performance will I lose? I'm currently running amd phenom 2 955 be at 4.0ghz 4 cores obv. 8 gb g skill 1600 MHz and windows 7 home. Oh and water cooled with a corsair gold edition 850 watt psu. I play wow 10 25 man raids and will be playing bf3 once it hits shelves. Thanks in advance guys much appreciated. Jon.
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  1. You can't do SLI on AMD 7&8-series chipsets. Those chipsets are only CrossFire-capable.
    Only 9-series chipsets can do that.
  2. Ok well looking AT my other specs what card would u suggest me to get for said games to be ran at max in wow and say high but not maxxed out etc in bf. And would crossfire still be good? Would I bottleneck atall
  3. Bump :)
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