Asus 1201N - worth upgrading to 8GB / 64bit windows

Hey all,

I have an Asus 1201N which I bought as a browsing / video playback laptop for out of work. My work is likely to change soon and I could do with a more speedy device, and potentially something I could run the odd virtual PC on. Before I write off the idea of using the 1201N which to be honest I rather enjoy the portability of I was wondering with the 1.6Ghz Dual Core Atom CPU 330 in there is it even worth:

- Upgrading to 64bit Windows 7
- Upgrading to 4GB RAM
- Upgrading to 8GB RAM
- Upgrading the 5400rpm HDD to a 7200 or SSD


Certainly the most limiting factor for most activities now is the 2GB of RAM, but when I use something like photshop it crawls, even when compared to my old 1.8Ghz single core Pentium M. Is the CPU basically rubbish and I'd be better off investing in a proper dual or quad core business grade machine?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I would go 64bit and 4GB ram. Then the limiting factor is going to be the Atom. If that is to slow then the new one is going to be in order.
  2. Cool, thanks rolli.
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