Not sure what is wrong. Help is needed.

Greetings all.

Been awhile since I've had to come on here begging for help. So here I am. :D

Recently purchased Windows8 installed perfectly, no issues up until about 3 days ago. I can game, run browsers etc...with no problems. But, when I shutdown my pc, and start it up again the next day, and it won't boot up. After some basic troubleshooting I decided to take the tower apart and dust it and check for any loose connections and whatnot. Put everything back together and gave it a shot, and powered it up and it booted to the bios and said something to the effect of "Windows failed to boot several times, please hit F2 to reconfigure boot options" Checked all that and everything is fine.
Anyways, shutting the pc down and trying to restart again either leads me to the above steps, or simply wont startup whatsoever.

I assume I am looking at a badly shot harddrive or could it be something else?

System specs are as follows:

AMD FX 4100:Oc'd 15%
16 Gigs GSkill Ripjaws
AsRock 970 Extreme 3
XFX 6870

Any assistance would be awesome.

I hope I chose the right forum to post in.

Thanks and have a great one all!
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  1. need Hdd or ssd information . Reset bios . load default setting in bios .
  2. It's a Western Digital 250gig. It's old as hell too, date on it is March 2007.

    I will try loading default setting in bios, if I can get it to load to that. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Alright, so I have loaded default settings in the bios as recommended. It didn't help, so my assumption from this point is it has to be a dying hdd.

    Any other recommendations?
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