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I am building a new comp... my card requires a min 450W, the processor is the i-5 1156 @ 95W, Asus p7p55d-e mobo, ssd, regular hd for storage, yada yada... im thinking 650-750W should cover it but was curious if i could get away with less? and was just looking for some input :) thank you!
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  1. There is no i5 1156. 1156 is the socket, not the chip. 95W is what matters however. 95W CPU + 50W or so for motherboard/breathing room + 150W for the GPU = 300W total. Any PSU that can output 300W on its 12V rail(s) can be used. This means good 380-450W units, and just about all 500W units. If you want to maybe run two GTX460s later, tack on another 150W.
  2. Good deals to run single card setup.

    The above PSU's would probably run 2 cards but only has 2xpci-e, these would be better for a dual card setup.

    Depends what you want to spend, I'd probably get the XFX anyway at that price.
  3. Best answer to 4745454b. A monster PSU is not needed for that card. The 450W recommendation is an attempt to compensate for the crappy PSU-shaped objects that are still being sold; the Chokemax units that are only good for 60%-80% of what's on their labels. Tom's used a 380W Antec Earthwatts to power a GTX460 in the last $500 SBM build.
  4. Agreed, but options aren't a bad thing. I'm running 2x460's off a OCZ550w and it been fine.
    Thing is most of the high powered units aren't much more than the lower ones so you might as well have the extra.
  5. When used heavily or over an extended period of time (1+ years) a PSU will slowly lose some of its initial wattage capacity. So, I think it's good to have some extra power...
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