Why no GTX400 benchmarks added to toms charts?

Just wondering why it takes so long to add GTX 400 benchmarks to toms GPU charts?
The cards have been out more than enough time to test them, and i'm sure they only have to send an email out to get gear sent to them for testing. In fact I'm almost sure manufacturers want to send them cards to test..so why the delay?
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  1. I'd like to know that as well. Its been quite some time since launch of the first ones. Should be on this more recent quarter of graphs.
  2. it's been like that the last year or more..it's taking them too much time to post benchmarks IMO.
  3. When you're busy posting worthless news articles to your blog, it sort of eats into your benchmarking time. ;)
  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA good one..I actually waste my time sometime reading the worthless news..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA It is worthless though..self tying shoes by nike..HAHAHAHA
  5. Yeah that's the kind of story I expect to see in the "Police Reports" section of my local paper. Not on a tech news site. They call it "tech news" because someone mentions a server system. Even though the server system was just a background image amid the entire story.

    The real news story was that a man got intoxicated, had a gun, and was acting like an idiot. That was the real news. The server really had nothing to do with it.

    I miss the days back in the 90's when Tom's Hardware was actually about Hardware reviews and How To's.
  6. "toms" gotten to big for their own good. I think one of the things they need to add is a search in the forums..
  7. There's a "Search" at the very top of the screen. :) Otherwise, Google often times finds Forum posts on Tom's even minutes after they are posted!
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