Core i7 2600k v.s 2500k, you are amazed

If you are going to bench then core i7 2600k is better but for enthusiast gamer core i5 2500k is best.
2500k beats 2600k in gaming performance or almost similar rating on most of the games.and 2600k not worth the extra 100$ regarding performance oppose to core i5 2500k.
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  1. what?
  2. Dun worry, he's trolling, I'm sure.
  3. NO.
  4. Maybe he's confuddled.
  5. ^+1, ^^+2, ^^^ ?
  6. He is saying that i5 2500k is cheaper but a better bang for the buck..
  7. If you are gaming, perhaps.
  8. 'better' is a subjective term at best.....
  9. jsc said:
    If you are gaming, perhaps.

    Hence why he used the phrase "Enthusiast gamer"
  10. Should probably have specified 'value/enthusiast' vs. 'performance enthusiast'...

    The 2600K is $100-$110 more, granted...; initial testing seems to support the 2600k having a little more OC headroom (100-200 MHz?), plus a larger cache of course...
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