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hi - i'm having some problems with my virtual memory and i can't get a solid answer from elsewhere. i have installed a 128gb SSD into my 2gb RAM notebook. Since then i have a error message regarding the virtual memory.

I've gotten down to that i have to clear 'automatically manage page files' and input an initial and maximum, but i have no idea what to put, can anyone give me some guidance please? I've seen all the 1.5 times but from i've read that's nonsense.

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  1. Minimum of 1GB and maximum of 2 or 3GB should work fine unless you need a lot more memory than is currently installed.
  2. rule of thumb, there are exceptions to this, not more than double what you have for ram installed. Go with 3 GB it should be enough.
  3. I prefer static size pagefiles. set minimum to 2048, max to 2048.
  4. Min 2048 mb(2gb ) to max 4096 mb(4gb) . Its a notebook so u r not need more than 4gb virtual memory .
    Virtual memory means use hdd or ssd space as ram (limited size) (pagefile) because $per gb is lower (4gb 2400mhz ram 50$ but 4gb ssd (size) is only 4$ and hdd and ssds are faster than ram) so we use hdd or ssd space as ram .
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