External Storage Enclosures (RAID)

Hello fellow geeks!

I am looking for suggestions for a solution for external RAID storage.

I need information on the following topics:

the "best" (pros/cons, please) transfer method (e.g. eSATA, USB, Ethernet/WiFi, etc);
specifics about individual brands/units;
quirks/issues with such a setup;
other solutions (cloud storage, other internal solutions, PCIe expansions, etc)

I am very open right now as I am in the preliminary decision making process.

My current setup:

Antec 1200
ASUS Sabertooth 990FX
AMD 8350
Corsair H50 P/P
Sapphire 7970 & HIS 7970 in CfX
16GB G-skill DDR3
TT BlackWidow 850W PSU
4x OCZ Agility 80G SSD in RAID0 (320GB)
1x 1TB WD Caviar Black

My problem, as you can see, is that I have all 6 of my SATA ports in use and thus must utilize a more creative solution for further storage, as my current storage is near capacity. My other problem is that I have 4x more 1TB WD Caviar Black sitting around from before I got the SSD RAID when I was using an HDD RAID5 for my primary setup.

I will actively monitor the thread as I am looking for a competent solution relatively soon.

Thank you my friends! :sol:
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    You could look into getting a NAS

    There is a cheap Netgear 4disk NAS I was looking into getting. probably would be perfect for you.

    you can plug a USB device into it and hit the backup button and it will backup everything on it, no messing about in windows, plus it can act as a print server.

    this is in Australia so you'd probably want to find a more local store.
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