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at the laptop i have wireless card i need to let the wired & wireless cards work together with same ip can i use teaming or assign this ip through DHCP for the 2 cards
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  1. You can't use the wired and wireless cards at the same time with the same IP, it causes an IP conflict and won't work, it' s not possible unless your on two different networks...what are you trying to do?
  2. Due to the above answer this means that i have to use ISA server to let the user use the wired & wireless to access internet.
    the main case is i have some users using they laptop at office & home.
    i need to let the user can access the apps & internet from office & at home can acess internet without modifing the proprties of network card. as per my knowleg this can douable through one of the following:

    1- use Isa server to put the cards number at list .
    2- use access list at the main backbone switch (Cisco)
    3- put a static IP fro the 2 cards i try to assign static ip for the wireless then when i try to assign the same IP for the ethernet card i receive an error meaning that the same IP assign to another card.
    this;s my problem & i need a technical solution.


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