Should i upgrade???

Should i upgrade my PSU.
Because my idle temperature was 68-78 celcius...
Besides that,my computer turn off suddenly when playing games likes Black Ops,Blacksite Area 51 and more...

My Specs:

Win 7 Ultimate 32 Bit
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+
ATI Radeon HD 4650
4 Gb DDR2 ram dual channel
500 gb WD caviar green
420 Watt PSU
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  1. What temp is the 68-78C?

    You should be ok with a decent 420w psu, whats the make and model of your unit?

    If its shutting down it may be overheating, check your load temps with HWmonitor.
  2. From beanoslim (What temp is the 68-78C? )

    that was my current cpu temperature...
  3. Yikes, is that under load?

    Have you checked your temps with HWmonitor and Coretemp also.

    What cpu cooler are you using?

    Check in your bios for a cpu shutdown temp, it might be set at 80C at shutting down.
  4. no..
    i was not running any program...
    that temperature i obtain from the Speccy program..
    i dont know what type my cpu cooler..
    mybe is just standard cpu cooler that was given by AMD
  5. Thats too hot then, what case do you have?

    Check your temps with HWMonitor and Coretemp and see what they say.

    If its that hot idle it must be going through the roof under load and probably shutting down.

    Try re-applying your thermal paste then re check your temps.

    Run Prime95 with HWmon and Coretemp open and see how hot the cpu gets then report back. ;)
  6. currently i am now using the old casing..
    maybe 4 years ago..
    i will upload the screenshot of HW monitor to let you see and tell me what is the problem..
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    CPU too hot, all I can suggest is what I've already suggested, try it and report back.
  8. beanoslim said:
    CPU too hot, all I can suggest is what I've already suggested, try it and report back.

    thanks to beanoslim coz help me..
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