Reformatted computer running extremly slow now?

Hello, I just had to reformatt my computer and i installed the corsair h50 on it. It is running extremly slow taking 30-40seconds to log in affter i enter my password and i have intel i7 920 cpu. It never took that long before. Does anyone know why it is running so much slower now?

Intel i7 920
asus p6t mobo
Corsair h50 CPU cooler
Corsair dominator RAM
XFX 4890 Gpu
ocz 700watt psu
Western digital caviar black 1tb HDD?
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  1. What OS are you running?

    Is the problem occurring on just one user account or all?
  2. I am not quite clear about the reformat thing? Does this means that you have reformated the HDD partition where your windows is/was?
  3. im running Windows 7 and i mean i earsed the hard drive and reinstalled the operating system. It's running a little faster now but the cpu was downclocking so it is running kinda slower but i guess thats normall?
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    I am not clear about what you mean.
    hmm...permanently or just under no load (not doing anything)?
    I assume then that it is under no load.
    The i7 will be put into power saving modus by putting itself underclockedif it is not doing anything. It will go higher as you use the proc for games as example.
  5. ya thats wat it is doing i didnt know at first so i thought i broke something lol
  6. it never did that before but it runs slower on start up now i so i think i might turn it off
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