2500 or 2500K - Overclocking on rendering machine?


I'm work with rendering and 3d design software and I've read that overclocking can be dangerous as it can lead to miscalculations (which I cannot afford when running 7-8hours+ renders).

Would this indicate that the new SB 2500 would be more appropriate for me than the new SB 2500K?

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  1. The 2500k sounds better choice potential...in any case you can reach rock solid OC on any model.

    Keep in mind that you will be able to find hardware configurations and OC setting's.

    In any case you don't have to reach the max OC on your hardware (i don't recommend it any way).

    I suggest to wait. I am sure that it will not take long for Tom's to write an article on OC the new CPU's, the performance/power/ ratios etc..
  2. Given the "K" is only 11$ more, is it really worth it NOT to take it? Sure heavy OC could create miscalculation if not stable, but it you just do a mild/stable one then it won't heat too much and you get extra performance. From what I read, a 4-4.2GHz OC would be conservative on this chip. Anandtech even reported 4.4GHz on stock cooler...
  3. Cheers for the advice. I think I was under the misinformation that any overclocking would be a bad idea. Funds are pretty tight at the moment so every $11 dollars (which would be probably 11 Euro with prices here) is worth considering!
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