How to safely recover data from SATA RAID (must be "mirror" as far as.

Hey, guys! Thankfult to xttony and smorizio on their help about the status of my electroshocked MB and primary diagnostics of HDDs. Is there any one who have had any experience in treating the problem of recovering data from RAIDs? The hard drives physically look to be not harmed (and according to Intel Matrix Storage software on my IDE drive next to SATA drives they are "normal" too) . I just cannot access the RAID volume as "it had a failure". After the electric surge the setting for SATA drives was "treat as IDE" (therefore I kept receiving message of "no virtual disk, no physical disk"). After I reset it for "RAID", the entry for configuring SATA raid started to appear at the loading process (ctrl-I) and I could return to the windows session resuming point (the PC was in sleep mode when the electric shock and PSU burning out happened) . But that brought me to two options 1) continue trying to resume windows session (no any success)u and 2) delete the data of resuming windows session and enter the starting menu
So, my question is what can I do? Do I need special software to restore data here (which is better?) Or may I try to rebuild(restore RAID) with ctrl-I utility? Or just restart Windows session from the start up menu? Minding not to harm the possibility to return to my data, sure. I need help. Please, let me know if you could be helpful in this. I'll appreciate any tip as completely new to this problem
Thank you.
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  1. hit F8 as the machine is booting up. Select SAFE MODE. let it boot up. then restart the machine.
  2. blackmancer said:
    hit F8 as the machine is booting up. Select SAFE MODE. let it boot up. then restart the machine.

    Thanks for your reply, blackmancer. Well, the trick here is that I tried to hit F8 while the Windows session resuming was trying to reopen Windows from that sleep point where the disaster happened with PSU, but it all the way brings me to those two options as I mentiond above:
    1) continue to try to resume windows session and
    2) delete all windows resuming data and enter the start up menu.
    My concernis if I choose to follow option 2 cannot I harm the metadata of the raid volume (MBR etc) ? It may bring me to the entry point and suggest formatting the raid drives and "say good-bye" to my daya in the raid.. That's why I am asking for advanced users expertise. Which way is safe here: drop off the windows resuming data (which may mean the metadata of my harmed raid volume I.e. I may lose data, which I am trying to avoid by all means) or search for a reliable data recovery software and go on with that... Thank you. If you have more ideas, please keep in touch.
    Ps. Do uou mean that the problem with raid volume here is not that serios and can be recovered by simple a safe mode restart of Windows? And if it rejects to restart and suggest reformatting drives with the raid metadata lost by that moment?
  3. you wont hurt the raid because thats set at a lower level before the OS loads - you can hit ctrl-i to get into the tool and you can see your raid set there. windows doesn't touch that

    the hibernation info is stuff like the page file, what you had open at the time, what files were open etc.. like a photo of the running state of the machine so it can return you back to that state rather than the default "just booted up" state.
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