Sata III SSD seems to run at SATA II Speed.

I just got a mushkin SSD which is rated at 6gb/s and has sequentian speeds according to the company of 560-520 mb/s.
I migrated my system hdd to the ssd using this method here. and realigned the partitions in the way mentioned in the link. Now here are the results i get from benchmark.
Here are my crystaldiskinfo results for my ssd

Do you think there is a problem with alignment? Here is a Screenshot of my msinfo32 info on my ssd.

Any help please?
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  1. Are the SSD already set to AHCI mode with TRIM is on?
  2. Yes AHCI is on and TRIM is on.
    As I found out I need to set data fill rate to 0 from the benchmark options to see the advertised speeds... Seems like it is working fine after all.
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