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GTX 460 w/ 260 help

I have a Gigabyte GTX super overclock edition and a 620w Corsair HX PSU. I was wondering If I would need to get a better PSU in order to run a GTX 460 with my 260 for PhysX.
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  1. I'm thinking you're going to be pushing it on that psu and I don't think the cost of upgrading the psu is going to be worth the performance boost. The only way it would be worth buying a new psu would be if you plan on buying another GTX 460 soon.
  2. I don't THINK you would need to, you can run SLI 460s on a Corsair 650w, I'm not sure how much wattage a card dedicated in Physx takes, but I can't see it taking too much.
  3. True, the op wouldn't be pushing the gtx 260 very hard. I didn't think of that, and his psu is pretty good.
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    Yes,Corsair 620 should handle a GTX 460/GTS 250 without any problems
  5. Okay, that's good. I already need to upgrade my Mobo and was hoping not to also have to buy a new PSU.
  6. Are you upgrading your mobo just for this? If you will probably be dissapointed because you'll see a minor performance boost in the few games that use physx. The majority of games you'll see no boost at all.
  7. My mobo only has PCI-Express 16x slot, so I am trying to prepare for when I do go SLI.
  8. *only has one PCI-Express 16x*
  9. oh your good to go then. SLI'd gtx460's are a nice setup.
  10. Ya, looked like a nice way to go. Still gotta get together the funds.
  11. Just out of curiosity are you not happy with the performance of the GTX 460? I wouldn't do all this upgrading unless the GTX 460 is not performing well enough for you.
  12. No I have a GTX 260, and I am going to get a GTX 460 soon. I was just looking into the option of using the 260 as a PhysX card.
  13. I'd wait and see if the GTX 460 is good enough for you before you worry about buying a motherboard to accomodate a phsyx card which won't really even help that much, and only in certain titles.
  14. If you really want physX, why not sell the 260 and get a cheaper card to use as physX? You really won't lose any performance.
  15. Using a 260 as a PhysX card will just be temporary until I go SLI with 460's.
  16. Well I don't know where I should sell it or how much I should sell it for. Just easier to use it while it is still in the realm of good.
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