PSU dead? pls help

I suspected that my PSU is dead, just like to confirm here before i make a purchase. Here are the signs.

I managed to turn on the computer once after a good two years without using it. It ran for like 30 secs (I got into the BIOS and was do some settings without saving) before the PC shut down by itself. No luck booting it after that.

With the PSU only connected to the mobo and the graphics card (no onboard GFX), the machine will turn on with the fan spinning, but no graphic output. Keyboard was not working too.

My CPU fan is one of those that draws power directly from the 4 pin plug, it ran VERY slow, as in i can see the blades turning, so the PRM should be about 100, way too slow. Does this mean that there is not enough power coming from PSU?

The current PSU is a cheap brand call Young Year. (lol), hardwaresecret has a review on this brand, though its a different PSU model. basically they concluded that its junk -___- (I didnt know this when i bought it a long time ago).

So, can I confirm that the fault lies in the GPU

BTW, i would like to buy a CM extreme power, as i am low on budget and the review seems decent. If not, please recommend me another BUDGET brand. I am poor lol. Seasonic and Crosair are out of my reach.... thx
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    Heres' the most recent list of PSU's by Tier that I could find on the web. Try to find one NOT LOWER than Tier 3 that you can afford. I would suggest that you get at least and 80+ efficiency with Active PFC. Without a solid PSU you won't be running your system, at worst a bad PSU will fry your stuff.
  2. So this means that I can confirm that the PSU is the culprit? thanks

    Anyway, the tier thing classified Acbel as tier 3 PSU while cooler master extreme as tier 4.

    However, the reviews i found on hardware secrets say differently. Acbel Cooler master

    Who should I believe? and which one should i choose?
  3. Can you get your hands on another PSU to test your system?

    As for other brands, I would recommend Antec; I've used several an they are quite phenomenal for the price.
  4. I bought the cooler master eventually. The build quality is good, and price is affordable. The only thing is that the output power is only about 75% of what the label claims.
    The old one, which is a Young Year PSU, is crap, it even caused one of my graphic cards capacitor to become bloated...
    thanks for the table, its quite useful.
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  6. You're welcome. Glad your running again.
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