New names for computer company

please give any name of my institutoin
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  1. PC Performance, Inc. ????

    By 'company', do you mean one or two man repair/building/upgrade shop?
  2. "Mental" would be cool to keep if you're the sole proprietor....
    But seriously, you really need to be more informative about a lot of things if you want someone to suggest a Company Name to you....
    A brief introduction to the kind of work, number of people employed, public, private or just single ownership kind of thing would really help you and us out.
    "New name for Computer Company" is a very very vague thing......
  3. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm, what do you actually do?
  4. Global mega hyper super space pirate ninja guru corp.
  5. Cheap But Effective Computer Solutions Co.
    Please Don't Sue Me LLC
    It Was Like That When I Got It INC
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