What to buy for 2TB external storage / backup ?


What do I buy for a reliable and worry free 2TB external storage or backup ?

I am asking this because I was browsing amazon to select a model of either Western Digital or Seagate and the horrible experience ( 100 wrote that their drives did not last even the 5 years warranty period ! ) written in the 1 star reviews ( all current in the year of 2012 ) has got me perplexed in deciding what model will be the safe and right choice for me.

I hope you folks will be able to guide me to a model which will less likely to fail. I need a drive that will give me 5-6 years peace of mind.

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  1. Unfortunately, external hard drives have proved to be less reliable and shorter lived than internal ones, usually because the USB bridge chip (which internal drives don't have) fails, but the actual drive in many cases itself is still healthy. It affects all brands of external drives, but my experience with WD ones has been far more pleasing than the Seagate ones I used to have.

    Because of the bridge chip problem, many people buy a regular hard drive and a third-party external enclosure to put it in. If it subsequently fails, they can then easily remove the drive and put it into a different enclosure - something you can't easily do with a proprietary made external drive, if at all.
  2. Can you please give me the details regarding models of Western Digital that you are using ?

    Also will you please mention the number of years those drives have performed flawlessly ?

    It will give me a clear idea about the models that are worth purchasing without headaches.
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