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While viewing the 'Hardware Health configuration' in the bios, I noticed that some of the voltages fluctuate. Is this normal, or is this a sign of a bad power supply (I am having random lockups, and am trying to track it down).

CPU-NB Voltage fluctuates from 1.211 to 1.214 V
+1.8V fluctuates from 1.856 to 1.859V

The only other thing that fluctuates is the fan speed from 1011 RPM to 1015 RPM, and the CPU temperature between 26C and 27C.

I have an AMD II x3 450 CPU

Am I worrying about nothing, or is this a symptom of some other problem?

Thank you
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    Those are excellent voltage variations and are controlled by the mobo not the PSU. The fan is excellent too.

    I would suggest running Memtest86+ from a floppy, CD or flash drive to see if there might be a RAM issue. You could also re-seat the RAM, Vid card and CPU heatsink if you haven't done that already. Check cable connections too.
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