Internet Connection Drops Out From The Whole Network

Hi Everyone, I have 2 dell servers running sbs2008 premium. Every second day I am having issues with our internet connection within the network. The network computers internet connection slows down and then eventually stops all togethe however we do have another programme running for our telephony that relys on the net and light data coming through that comes through ok. The only solution we have found is to reboot the server and then everything is fine. When we do a diagnostics it says that there is an issue with our DNS but we have tried every option with the DNS and even taken it away from the server completely but still have the same issues.

Help please.

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  1. Does your internet run through the servers first then to the rest of the network or are the computers connected directly to the internet?
  2. Hi my computers all run through the server. The server has the same issues.
  3. What devices are in your network stream, what comes before the server and what comes after.
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