HP dv4 laptop bios doesnt detect hard drive

hello toms hardware community. i have been searching and searching for an answer to fix my laptop. I have a HP DV4-1435DX and one day the laptop worked fine the next it wouldnt boot past the HP screen. At first i thought maybe hard drive died after replacing the hard drive and running the windows install i had the same issue. My uncle has PC service doctor and run a check my old hard drive was good, motherboard was good, but it said CMOS fail. after doing more digging my laptop will not detect any hard drive. In my diagnostic log i have error 03F0 Hard Disk Does Not Exist and 0502 which i cant find what that is. I think its my bios sata drivers because the laptop will not read any hard drives. when i try and run a windows 7 install when i get to select a drive it says ""No device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers". So i can update my bios because i have no OS and my motherboard doesnt find any hard drive i tried to run Gparted Live and that didnt find any drive either. does anyone know what can i do. hp wants 250 to flash my bios and to me thats way to much laptop isnt worth that much and i feel it something i can do myself just dont have the right info. so if anyone knows anything please post
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  1. make sure the sata cable or IDE cable attached to the HDD is firmly hold...
  2. Looks like something hit our Pavillion DV4 Laptops recently. I had this same problem about a week ago, and reading around I fonud that a probable solution is to flash the BIOS.

    The problem is How can we flash the bios without booting the laptop? HP doesn't publish any procedure to do it this way.

    I hope HP soon recognize this common problem and publish a way to correct it ourselves intead of sending the computer to service shops.
  3. Haha problem solved, just get a Optical Hard Drive Caddy! I had the same issue with mine:P Now after fixing that I still have to figure out why my screen is black but I can still see whats underneath using a flashlight, I have been told that the motherboard's on the DV4's have issues, and cause failure to enlighten the screen:/ Sadly... Hopefully it's not that though! Lol anyways, here is a link to what you need:) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-SATA-2nd-Hard-Driver-Aluminum-LED-Caddy-for-12-7mm-Optical-Drive-Bay-/280924385445?pt=US_Drive_Bay_Caddies&hash=item416865f0a5
  4. Hello, i have the same issue, u bought the caddy that you say but on my dv4 it says, Botable device not found'' install an operating system on hard drive, and my caddy works, because i already installed windows 7 on it, what should i do, also i have the oldest bios firmware, but i can't upgrade it because i can boot windows 7, and is dangerous updating the bios with a live cd, Hope you see this because i'm desesperate, thank you, my email is ivan-messi@hotmail.es
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