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Okay so I'm possibly going to be buying this computer http://www.cyberpowersystem.co.uk/saving/show.aspx?id=546786 and at the moment my computer I'm using now is currently running on Windows 7 Home Premium. Now if you've looked at the link you can see I have only selected a 60GB SSD drive with no Windows 7/8 software so it will only be formatted. If I was to replace the 60GB SSD with my 1TB HDD and then plug the SSD into another bay would my computer boot up like I'm booting up this one? Or would the fact I've changed motherboards and other parts cause havoc?
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  1. It depends. :) If the new computer uses a different chipset or the bios is configured for AHCI instead if IDE on the old om, it will not boot. Go for a fresh install with only the ssd connected instead.
  2. Your new PC will simply refuse to run Windows from a hard drive that's got Windows already installed on it from a different system, and definitely not when it's a completely different motherboard. There's no "depends" about it.

    You will have to start over and install Windows from a Microsoft Windows 7 DVD when you get your new PC.
  3. yea windows installs a hidden directory and thus you wont be able to delete it .. only way you would even know it was there would be to try and look at it from another os like mac os x or something .. its just a anti piracy feature.. you would have to buy a copy of windows and install it on the boot drive.
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