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My PC Makes A Clicking Noise

It's an extremely quiet clicking noise so while the usual answer is HDD failure I don't think that's the case. My HDD is only 3 months old and when my last one failed the clicking was way louder than this, this is quieter than my cpu fan and I can barely hear it. Anyone know why this could be?
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  1. Could be your wires be touching one of the fans?The fan of the gpu or cpu in other words please check and see if one of your wires are touching any fans..
  2. Could just be the noise you hdd makes.

    Take the side off and pinpoint exactly where its coming from.
  3. Does your pc have problems?Because it doesnt sound like you have encountered a problem but just a sound..
  4. No noticeable problems except the usual monitor problems. I will be replacing the monitor it's kind of getting ridiculous. Task manager is showing the usual 0-1% CPU usage and 1.5GB RAM usage.
  5. Then tell us the problem with your monitor..
    So your saying that task manager just shows you 0-1% cpu usage..I really dont think its a problem unless you are stress testing the cpu and it shows of you only having 0-1% usage then i think you may have a problem..
  6. It just sets the resolution wrong quite a bit. The monitor will be on a different resolution than I set it too and things will get cut off on the sides/top. I think it's either because I don't know the native reso of this monitor so I'm using the best one I could find or it's the ATI drivers for the 6870 being new and kind of bad. I am not stress testing it I'm just at desktop and running chrome on one website. Stress testing the usage goes up to 40-50%.
  7. I had same problem, google your monitor to find correct settings, or are you using a DVI to VGA adapter?

    So where exactly does the click come from?
  8. I'm using an adapter and the clicking comes from the HDD. I'm not convinced it's dying though because when my other one died it was hella loud and this clicking is really quiet and not even constant it's only about 50% of the time.
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    Drives can and do make noises, download and run the manufacturers fitness test and adjust acoustic levels if pos.

    That could be your problem, I have had aspect, resolution problems running via adapters, soon as I went DVI to DVI it solved the problem with the same card and setup.
  10. I have a SeaGate HDD. I downloaded SeaTools and ran a Generic Scan and Self Test. The result for both was 'Pass'. It provided no information besides that. What does this mean?
  11. It generally means that the drive is mechanically fit and healthy.
    Are there any other tests you can run?

    I wouldn't worry, if the drive functions properly and you hear the odd click and clunk, after all it has moving parts.
  12. If you want to be absolutly certain run the long disk self test, this will take awhile but if it passes you are golden, it could just be noises from the HDD head seeking.

    As for your monitor as beanoslim asked are you using a DVI-VGA adapter? that can sometimes cause problems. What type of cable are you using VGA,DVI, or HDMI?
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