Query regarding Dual-Channel Memory

I have a Intel H61 motherboard with two RAM slots.

I've already got 2GB DDR3 1333 EVM RAM. 2GB version of this one : www.anythinginit.com/product-details.asp?ppk=11205&scpk=124

Now, I want to buy a Corsair DDR3 1333 4GB stick. Will those two sticks work in Dual Channel mode?
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  1. No sorry it wont - dual channel (and triple channel also) requires both memory channels / slots to have equal matching amounts of RAM - and to be 100 sure they need to be an identical pair of the same brand memory chips
  2. Ahh..
    So, getting a 2GB EVM will make those work in dual channel mode? Does this depend on the memory at all or on the motherboard?
  3. The motherboard has to support dual channel and the memory modules need to be either identical or extremely close to identical if you're lucky.

    Usually you need to have a kit of identical modules for dual/tri channel.
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