GTX 470 + gts 250 power req

Hey all, Currently running a system with a core i3-530, an nvidia gts250, and some other stuff. I kinda wanted to update my graphics card to either a 1gig 460 or a 470. EVGA doesnt have a 1gig 460 with a lifetime warranty at the moment that does NOT use their loud external exhaust blower, so I may go with the 470. Either way, I will probably keep the 250 as a dedicated phys-x card.

So the real question is: my PSU is a corsair 650tx, will it handle the gtx470 + the gts250? if I'm going to have to step up my PSU to get the gtx470 I may not do the upgrade :\

Thanks all!
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  1. Read How Much Power Does Your Graphics Card Need?. It don't have the 400 series in there but it is a good guide.

    Also I would recommend to get the 460 since it has a better design than the 470.
  2. Hello
    Yes your PSU is enough for either GTX 470/GTS 250 or GTX 460/GTS 250
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