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Okay, I'm putting my new build together and was hoping someone could list all the programs necessary to successfully test my system. Main ones would be CPU stress tests as well as memory error testing and anything else that I'm not aware of. Would prefer that the software is free but if theres something that is very useful that is reasonable priced I would consider it. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Prime 95 cpu test
    Furmark gpu test
    Memtest (versions available for 32 and 64bit systems)
    that should see you fine and its all free, try Cnet or similar for downloading them
  2. You should get speedfan too to monitor your temps. Make sure theyre reasonable for your stock speed. Do this when your running prime95
  3. Yup, Sorry, I forgot a temp monitor program lol, ty Bavman :)
  4. Honestly would prefer you use CPUID's Hardware Monitor for temp measurements.

    Anyhow, here's a comprehensive list of useful programs and sources for them:
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