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Greetings, sadly, today I was going to buy a new PSU so I could plug in my ATi HD 5770 <gotta upgrade that old ATi X1550> and the salesman tells me the PSU I was planning to buy now cost 20$ more, "x-mas offer is over"

So I need some help deciding between these two PSUs, which are a bit more... avaliable... for my budget...

the PSU would have to power my E4600 Core2Duo, 2 SATA HDDs, and a dvd burner, plus a small 40mm intake fan.
Not planning to add another vid-card any time soon, plus, I would have to upgrade my Motherboard to install another card in Crossfire, might OC my CPU when I find out how

So I would like to know which one of those 2 cards is the best bang for buck, and if it would run everything I need em to run.

Thanks in advance :>

PS: Not american, just using "20$ more" as mere reference, If I was american, Id probably lawsuit... lawsuit everywhere....
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  1. dont get those power supplies they aren't really that good get this instead

    more then enough for a 5770
  2. Whats the difference between that PSU and the other 2 I published?
    Sidenote: I published those 2 because they are the only ones avaliable in my area :P

    Third world country, we got low supplies on everything... im actually surprised they have branded PSUs
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    If the 2 u listed are all u can get the go for the 1st one. It's definitely a better psu. You won't be able to run 2 cards on either of those psu's so forget about that. If that's what u plan to do then u will need to find a better vendor to get better choices.
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  5. Thanks! What did you decide to do?...
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