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Regarding Card Dimension between EAX1600XT SILENT and HIS HD5670 1GB

I am having a bit of trouble looking for an information regarding the dimension of EAX1600XT SILENT. I need this information to compare against the next card that I will buy, which is HIS HD5670 1GB (or 512MB).

3-4 years ago, when I got the EAX1600XT SILENT, the card barely fit just fine into the motherboard. (ASRock 939NF4G-SATA2) The huge heatsink of EAX1600XT SILENT sorts of touch the heatsink of the integrated graphics card (GeForce 6100, if my memory is correct). Nevertheless, despite the touching of the heatsink, the computer has been working for years now. But it is time for a new graphics card, and I need to look for the dimension information. I want to make sure that the HIS HD5670 will fit, and does not touch against any other part of the motherboard like the EAX1600XT SILENT.
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    I went to Newegg and entered the model numbers of your GPUs in question. The basic design is very different and the 5670 should work fine in your system. The 1600XT has a heatsink on the back of the PCB that extends towards your CPU and NB heatsink. The 5670 does not have that sort of cooling device.

    The 5670's cooling device will block the slot right next to it (note it takes 2 slots), but that is away from your CPU.

    You should be good to go with the 5670. Good luck!
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  3. You are right, but unfortunately, the 5670 uses PCIe 2.1, which is incompatible to my ASRock 939NF4G-SATA2. BIOS will not post. Tried with newer motherboards, and they do work.
  4. I surely didn't expect that given that the PCIe standard is backwards compatible. Are you running the latest BIOS version (1.5)? Also, what PSU are you using?
  5. Well, I went to the shop and have their team of engineers try things out. They test my iceq 5670 on other motherboard to ensure that it isn't a defect. They also try powercolor 5670 on my motherboard and see. Nope, BIOS still doesn't post. Try flash BIOS to the latest and it still doesn't work. In the end, I ended up using GT240 instead.

    Also, to answer your question; I am using enermax 350w. I have checked watt usage of my pc, and it's only around 100w.
  6. Your PSU doesn't meet the needs of the GPU (requires a 400w or higher PSU). That is the problem. Good luck!
  7. I disagree. We have tried with a PSU less than 300w and it does work. (with another motherboard, of course)
  8. Only telling you the requirements as listed on Newegg. Keep in mind that all PSUs are not created equally and they do "wear out" and eventually die. Yours may not have been up to the task while the other one was. Running a PSU "maxed out" or beyond its limitations is a sure way to speed up the death of the PSU. Sorry for your hassles.

    BTW, here is the link for the HIS HD5670 (I assume this is the one you had). Note the Power Requirements:
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