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Hi there,

I have a friend how is currently running an Asus P5N-D with 750i SLi, he has a single 9600GT 1GB installed. However when he tries to update his Nvidia drivers it works until he tries to run a game, in which then, the game fails to start and instead windows prompts him and says that the display drivers have failed but then restores them? this all works but then windows itself fails and he gets a blue screen error. He already tried to revert to older drivers and restore windows however the same problem persisted. He then formatted and reinstalled his OS (Win 7) and kept then stuck with the generic drivers and all seems to be fine and working. I understand that these boards use an Nvidia chipset, is it possible that there is some kind of conflict occurring between display drivers and the chipset drivers which is preventing him from updating? Is there a solution? Or should he just stick with the current generic drivers?
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  1. No, you shouldn't be running the default drivers and expect any suitable level of performance. First, it sounds like the Nvidia drivers are in some state of being partially installed. He needs to fully remove those drivers. Go here abd get driver sweeper and wipe the old driver install:

    Then, go to Nvidia and download the latest video drivers. Be sure to save a copy of the download on the PC itself in case it is needed again in the future.

    Restart the system, allow it to boot fully, then install the current drivers (make sure he gets the right version for his flavor of Win7, 32-bit or 64-bit). This should do the trick.
  2. We'll give it a go, but it is standard practice for us to remove the outdated drivers first. However I myself have never tried "Driver Sweeper" just the OS's "Add/Remove".
    Knowing him he might well have let it slip, I'll get back to you if the problem persists.

    Thanks for the help! :D
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