Nvidia GTX 470 no signal to the monitor[new PSU]


here's the thing i bought a brand new GTX 470 1280 mb gddr5 card, i installed everything, connected the power cables everything and there is no signal sent from the dvis to the monitor.

can someone help me?

the gpu is powered because i can see the fan running.

mobo - Asus M2N8-VMX

cpu - AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ 2.01 GHZ

2 gb RAM

win 7 64-bits

580 wats power suply - i thought the problem was the power suply so i bought a corsair TX650 W :/

ty in advance :)
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  1. hey there,

    tricky one, but I think I have the answer! your board is an older version required for the card:


    and only supporting PCI Express and the card you got is only supported by PCI express 2.0:


    your motherboard cannot take the Gfx card and so will send no signal to the monitor!!

    motherboard upgrade to 2.0 will surely fix the problem.... great PSU though, but thats no the problem!!

    just my thought

  2. one more thing dane
    ATM i have a gygabite g31m-es2c mobo that i can swap for mine do u think it may work?
  3. i'm sorry it won't, you see AMD and Intel are different designs on its own and will take different chipsets, and your CPU won't fit on that motherboard!!

    so a swop won't help at all!

    sorry for the one to be the bearer of bad news but its the truth!

  4. wait i forgot ... the thing is like this i have already a different cpu memorys and everything set up in there , the only thing thats missing is a gpu and a psu wich i have in this pc could it work like that?
  5. you forgot?? you forgot?? :non: well you just forgot to give me the specs once more!!

    this the motherboard:


    it does take PCI E x16 and will take your GTX 470...

    now the questionm is... what about RAM, CPU, etc? :heink:

    just my thought

  6. thing is 2 gb ram but since the case was from a person that fucked up the gpu i cant tell wich cpu it has but ill check it right now thanks for the help dane :D
  7. its only a pleasure!! keep in touch!!

    but please, no swearing on the forums!!

  8. intel dual core e5200 2.5 ghz is it ok for the gtx470?
  9. the GTX 470 is a powerful card, and we wouldn't want any bottlenecking to occur, because that won't bring out the full potential of that card! but yes, the board and card will work, not to its full reach, but will work!

    why don't you overclock the CPU a bit? to at least 3.0- 3.2 Ghz? if you don't know how to do this, rahter not, because it can be dangerous if one doesn't know what their doing!!

    in short, the system will work, but your next upgrade is CPU and motherboardfor maximum outbringing of that awesome card of yours!!

    just my thought

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