I7 820 performance issues

Hi there,

about 2 years ago i built my first quad core. a Q6700, 4gb of 800mhz memory. Nice matching intel board with a decent 4k series ATI video card. Windows XP

Last year i decided to keep that for my wifes computer and to build a new one because a friend of mine was giving me a deal on an I7 820.

So i built the new system. I7 820 (i think its a QM) nice matching Intel board, 4gb 1333 memory, ATI 5770 video card. Windows 7 64 bit

What i found was that the 6700 was outperforming the I7 820. I am still to this day getting excessive load times for Battlefield Bad Company 2. I run both systems side by side and and i can a 5-10 second load time differance for BC2.

I wondered if there were some major differances in performance from XP to 7? or possibly 32bit vs 64 bit?

I'm not sure if there is an answer to my question. Maybe i need to overclock, maybe i need to tune. Just looking for some advice.
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  1. Well Xp is much faster than 7 but it doesn't mean the 6700 is outperforming than the i7 820. You can always run a 3DMark test to determine which both have the higher score. And one thing Xp runs on DX9 while 7 on DX11 except if you have a DX11 card also
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