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So today i tried putting together my first build. I followed the step by step guild i found on this site as closely as possible... but it didn't work out too well. When it came to connecting the case fans ( CM storm scout), i found cables that had either 4 pins or two. My psu (700w ocz fatality) had cables that were one end molex and the other 4 pin female... so i kinda fitted the 4 pin case fan into it, but the two pin ones wont fit into these.... where do i put them?

After that i decided to just see if everything else was functioning... but the computer wouldn't even boot. It does'nt seem like powers getting through and im almost certain ive connected everything to the right place other than the case fans.

Any help would be much appreciated
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  1. You should first look for fan headers on the MB itself.

    Follow this checklist closely, don't blow off steps, and you'll get everything working
  2. I find the manuals arent very descriptive, might just be cause im not too familiar with everything... The PSU had a 4 pin and an 8 pin, i connected the 4 pin and left the 8 pin inside... thats supposed to happen right? (1st step)
  3. If the 4-pin connector fit properly then yes that is fine.

    that 700W OCZ was discontinued I think for quality reasons... but finish the checklist first.
  4. Thanks prox i got it working :)
    Only thing is I cant figure out how the fans work, any ideas? Only the one thats four pinned and connected to the psu through a molex cable works, the other two i dont see where to put cause there two pronged and the cables that came with the PSU are all four.
  5. They should be three pronged? Doesn't that case come with a fan controller they plug into? I know there is an LED switch to control the lights on the fans.
  6. Only two pronged... 2 wires, one yellow one black. Theres two of these along with one 4 pronged one
  7. And what are the fan headers on the motherboard like? Would this solve the problem?
  8. are these supposed to connect to the mobo or the psu?
  9. MB to the fans.
  10. The system fan slot on my mobo looks male... and 3 pronged.. The fan wire is male also? :S
  11. You need to look at the fans more closely. The two pronged connections are very likely the LED connections and they hook into the LED controller on the front panel. Those two fans should ALSO have seperate molex or 3-pin power connections.
  12. This might just be me but i dont see any 3 pin, i see a lose cable that looks like esata and cant quite figure out what its for (when i got the case there were multiple wires tied together) Also im not quite sure what you mean when you say their for the LED controller... isnt that the button on the front panel? I dont see a separate device in the case to which i could connect the wires to.
  13. Look at the LED fans. These are the two fans that are not black. The black one on the top is NOT LED. These two fans should EACH have two sets of wires coming from them. One cable will go to the LED button on the front panel, the other cable is for the fan motor itself. Can you see both cables?
  14. It looks like four wires leave the fan, two are the 2 pronged cables and the others ive connected to the motherboard ( they were labeled LED + LED - )
  15. So the LED wires connect somewhere in that mess of cables coming from the front panel.

    Most Asus boards have 4-pin chassis fan headers.

    Most Gigabyte boards have 4-pin and some 3-pin headers.

    Will this help you?
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    Well, grab a simple Molex to 3-pin adapter and shove the wires in if you have to then :)
  17. LOL shoving the wires into the 4 pronged ones actually worked... who woulda known :P Thanks so much
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