Hard disk problem

i hav amd fx 6100 processor...gigabyte ga 78 LMT S2PT mothrboard....... i ball 500w psu

and two 1 TB SEGATE HARD DISK (BERAACUDA)..one old and one new
due to some problem my old hard disk gets non responsive sometimes and even has stopped workin...it has already been replaced by the company twice buts stil the same problem persists....now even my new hard disk is showing d same problems...right nw my old one is gone for replacement....pls tel me wat to do....
thanx a lot
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  1. Stop buying Seagate drives if you have any influence in the matter. They are notoriously unreliable in my experience, and your own experience bears that out.

    Choose Western Digital, Samsung or Hitachi.

    The reason you appear to be "locked in" to Seagate drives is probably due to the fact that your company is returning the faulty ones to Seagate for replacement. Somehow you have to persuade your boss to get a different brand.
  2. thanks phil22.....i'm getting an offer for the replacement of seagate by toshiba....will toshiba be a better chioce???
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