Another GTX460 question: EVGA, PALIT, ASUS, MSI

My local Fry's (Los Angeles area) has Palit GTX 460 1GB on sale for $229 with a $30 mail-in (ends today).
They also have EVGA's 1GB for ~$200 without rebate (likely also ends today).

Because I intend on maximum-OC'ing a pair of GTX 460 1Gig cards, I've been holding out to find an ASUS or MSI (for power-regulation) vendor out-of-state in the 220-230 range...

However, being Fry's 1GB cards will be ~$220 after tax, should I forego my search of ASUS and MSI's and just get the Palit boards from Fry's?

Thanks in advance...
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  1. ONly thing I dislike about the PALIT board is that they sent samples out for benching that included heatsinks on the VRMs that they removed in actual production so the reviews of the cards report lower temps than you actually get ! -- Newegg has the ASUS 1GB card for $229 + $2 shipping (but IIRC Newegg charges tax in CA also !) - but it might be worth the extra $ since they have better cooling than the Palit card and support for the voltage tweaking.

    + I've always hated MIR's since it seems a large percentage of them are never issued or take 3-4 months to receive (and Fry's has been known to "lose" a few forms in the MAIL !!)
  2. ASUS / MSI from Newegg: $230 + 10% w/free shipping = ~$250 each.

    If from out-of-state (assuming it's still legal to purposely buy from out of state to avoid CA-salestax(?)) $220-$230 each = savings of $40.

    Buying from Fry's:
    $230 + tax -30MIR = $223 each = savings of ~$50, though with Palit model...
    Additionally, I plan to strip the heatsink off and replace with water-blocks, so the consideration factor is with the voltage-regulator for maximum OC capability.

    I've actually been surprised, that over the past two years I've received all but 2 MIR's, and those were only for $10's; I even got a $50MIR back... Though, the longer I wait, the less attractive that $40 savings becomes... lol
  3. YEah the TAX is a bummer -- TigerDirect has the MSI card for $235 + $6 shipping to 90710 Zip (varies by zip but 90710 is Harbor city near LA where I used to live) and they do not charge TAX when shipping to CA (I now live in TX and they charge tax here but Newegg doesn't !!) so $241 Delivered for the MSI model so a bit closer price to the Palit from fry's and no waiting for the rebates !
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