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I need to run some 64 bit software on my server. Its x86 at present do I need to change the CPU the motherboard ( ASrock ConroeXfire-Esata2) or both
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  1. I believe all Conroe instruction sets are 64-bit, if that is indeed what you are saying. you could be a bit clearer.
  2. You'll need a 64bit os as well. What CPU and OS are you running?
  3. Unless your hardware is more than about 8 years old, I am pretty sure you are 64 bit capable, you likely just to install a 64bit OS.
  4. Choosing 64bit as a Windows OS is one thing but as a Server demands lots of things. Me I usually research software's running on my old server before choosing to migrate. If an upgrade is available well I need the approval to buy. Decision is quite different if the server is plug to a proprietary devices. Care to research first.
  5. Thanks for replies so far.

    I,m currently running Windows server 2003R2 . I would like to upgrade to Windows server 2008, my CPU is Intel core 2 6400 2.13GH
  6. Doesn't MS still have those extensive hardware compatibility lists?
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